KEYWORD TRANSFORMATION is a highly effective way to expand and consolidate Advanced expressions that you will definitely need in you Speaking, Writing and Mediation exam.

The expressions that you will find in this exercise will prove really useful when you need to speak or write about aging, memories and the passing of time.

This is an interactive exercise to help you expand your active resources… So, scroll down to make the most of it!.

BELIEVE ME! This kind of exercise works wonders to help your brain remembernew expressions when you need them in spontaneous conversations or in your certification exam.

Keep up with the hard work by completeting the following exercise!!


Fill in the gaps with the missing words to rewrite the original sentence so the meaning doesn’t change.

And make sure you come back again tomorrow to revise the expressions that we’ve seen in this exercise.

Revisiting new concepts is what makes a real difference in your long-term memory and your retrieving capacity when it comes to the exam situation and to spontaneous conversations.