B1 Listening Sports

•Do you consider yourself a sports fanatic? If so, what sports interest you and why?

I do consider myself a sports fanatic, I have always grown up around sports and I am also a competitive athlete, so it is something that I have enjoyed learning at young age. I really love football and basketball. Firstly, because I have participated and competed in both sports which helps to understand the games and secondly, because team sports offer more action and a spectacle than individual sports. Another reason I enjoy being a fan is because it allows people to socialize and feel a part of a community especially since the leagues and seasons are so long.

Do you prefer doing sport or watching sport? Perhaps you like doing and watching different sports?

I prefer both, however I favor practicing one sport more than others. I have continued playing football because it is a way for me to be social, competitive, and fit all at the same time. My team and I train 3 days a week and have games on weekends. I am lucky that the field is very near to my house. When it comes to watching sport, I prefer basketball because it is fast-paced and action packed. I feel like every second counts and I always look forward to seeing games in person.

Have you ever won a cup or trophy? Discuss your accomplishment

I have always participated in many sporting events and I have worked hard to win loads of trophies and cups but I feel like my biggest accomplishment was holding a record for being the fastest swimmer in an event. I also once had a coach give me an award for being the most hardworking during my career and that was very special. For me personally, a trophy or cup does not compare to a record although winning a championship with a team is pretty incredible.

What is the most exciting sports event you have been to?

I got lucky and was dating a person way out of my league who took me on a private jet to see my favorite college basketball team play my state university team. It was Duke versus WVU and they were playing in one of the biggest basketball tournaments in the United States. Our seats were so close to the court and I was so nervous for the final outcome. I didn’t know which team I should support because both were my favorite. In the end my hometown team lost which was heartbreaking but I was so happy to have seen a once in a lifetime game.