B1 MEDIACION Mindful Eating

TASK 1. Language functions: supposing.

Imagine that you started eating more mindfully, what benefits do you think you would experience?

TIP. Make sure you include some of the following modal verbs or expressions:

Tend to
Would probably


You are doing an English course in New York and you just attended a very interesting presentation about the concept of “Mindful Eating” offered in your Language School as an extra activity for students.

You have sent a picture of the presentation to a friend of yours who is Italian and who is spending the summer in Ireland. She has been having some issues with her eating habits since she arrived in Ireland three weeks ago.

She is concerned about her health and her appearance, as she’s been putting on weight every single week.

You really think that keeping in mind some of these simple questions could help her take control of her eating habits.

However, it seems that she didn’t understand very well what Mindful eating is or why you sent this image to her, so you decided to send her a written message on WhatsApp (80 words).