TASK. After reading the text, decide if the following statements are true or false.

New York is one of the top food destinations in the United States. Some would even say that the busy island has some of the best food in the world.

But within that, which restaurants are creating memorable dishes that you should try?

I do not only go to fancy and overpriced1 restaurants only – or that have the best reviews on TripAdvisor. I want a combination of good atmosphere, delicious food, and fair prices.

Some of the restaurants on this list have great reviews online, while others have sand on the floor. Some have only been open for a year, but they are already the favourite restaurants of many people.

No matter the story, here’s where you can find the best food in New York City!

Cafe Habana

Somewhat of a New York staple2, Cafe Habana is a casual yet vibrant Cuban restaurant that is located on a busy corner. Always crowded, Habana serves foods like cotija and chilli covered corn, fish tacos, and pork sandwiches. You should grab a margarita and try Cafe Habana for lunch or dinner, both are great options.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Momofuku Noodle opened in 2004, and 14 years later it’s still doing very well. The menu does not only have noodles, and there are a lot of other dishes that are great options.

The famous pork, shrimp and shiitake dumplings are unique and delicious, and the spicy cucumbers are memorable. This is a restaurant that I will return to for all seasons of the year.


Supper is a place that I return to over and over again, which means a lot when you live in a city with new restaurants popping up3 all the time. The restaurant is made of many small rooms that spread throughout the restaurant and the atmosphere is dark and comforting. Supper is always a consistent4 and delicious experience.

The dish with cheese on top of tomatoes and basil is gigantic, and I recommend that you order it. The “spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico” and the “spaghetti Limone” are also amazing.

Jeffrey’s Grocery

Every city needs many classic, casual, and easy to enter restaurants. New York has a lot, and for me, my favourite is Jeffrey’s Grocery.

The food is not going to change your life because it is not very unique, but the food quality is consistent and will allow you to stay healthy. Try the squid and a tuna salad, or to change your diet, try the honey bread.