In this blog, Andres Navia, writes about how the most successful people have become successful, in large part, thanks to good and healthy habits, and also giving up habits that weaken them or harm them.

TASK 1. Read the below text and choose 5 statements that are true according to the author.

Our habits define us.
A habit is a tendency that, with practice, becomes automatic. They are simply that,  frequent patterns that often become automatic and hard to give up.

Routines are sequences of actions that become habits when followed regularly. Organizing activities into routines makes you more effective. As with all things that have to do with memory and learning, activities often become easier with practice. Therefore, it is important to organize activities into routines to be more effective and efficient.

Designing healthy routines is important. It’s especially important for active people. Healthy routines turn into good habits that reduce stress and error. Habits create mental circuits that benefit us. We can do things faster and we also become better at decision making. This way, the majority of our decision-making energy is used for harder tasks and not for the trivialities of life.

Tips for designing healthy routines and developing good habits that will make you better at life:

  1. Health comes first: this is the single most important pillar in your life. Without health, you can’t do anything.
  2. Sleep is the most important: there are certain physiological processes that are essential for our bodies to work well and only happen during sleep. So make sure you sleep enough hours every night.
  3. Diet comes next: we’re primates, so think like a primate. Focus on eating plants, and every once in a while, other animals. Avoid eating things that can poison you (e.g. sugar, gluten, soy, dairy).
  4. Then physical activity: go for a run and lift heavy things every once in a while. Exercise makes your brain work better and improves your memory, attention and problem-solving.
  5. Speak words of affirmation often: constant repetition is positive and sets the tone for a good attitude towards life in general, and towards you in particular.
  6. Praise publicly, correct privately: praise openly and criticize privately to maintain a sense of dignity. People respond better to criticism in private.
  7. Make everyone feel important: respect everyone. Especially your inner circle (family and friends). The majority of people speak their worst to the people they have closest to them, in ways sometimes that they would get punched in the face if they spoke like that to someone on the street.
  8. Create rituals: repeat certain activities at specific times so they become automatic and don’t require much energy.