B1 Writing How to write a letter to apply for a volunteer position

TASK. You are planning to spend the summer abroad to improve your English and you have found a great opportunity to work as a volunteer in a summer camp. Write a letter to apply for the position described below (150-200 words).


There will be one-to-one learning, shadowing staff, joining member meetings, independent reading and IT-induction. Our staff team will train volunteers in Safeguarding and Health and Safety. Regular reviews will help to identify further training needs, for example in Food Hygiene, Finance Skills or running camps and residentials. The volunteer will benefit from a Mentor and has the option of English classes if needed.


● Available from June till the end of August

● Experience in youth work, as a participant or as a young leader.

● Enthusiastic about volunteering with others and about social change

● Able to cooperate with others

● Positive attitude

● Passionate about empowering other young people and children.

Desirable: Any skills in outdoor activities, arts, sports, media, youth culture or active citizenship.