Here is a writing task so you can get some writing practice. We will share with you a version written by one of our teachers next week. This way you’ll have time to create your own version first and then you can compare it with ours.


TASK. You have taken a gap year to travel alone around the world, and have decided to write a blog about your experience. 

Write a blog entry (160 words). Do not forget to mention: 

some reasons to spend a year travelling 

the advantages of being an independent traveller

Source: Certification exam sample La Rioja


Tips for taking a gap year to travel alone

If you are fond of travelling and want to explore the world whether it can be for learning a new
language or volunteering, don´t look back because in today´s post I will give you some of the
reasons why I consider that taking a gap year alone can be beneficial.

Understanding different cultures
You don´t need a friend to accompany you all the time, you can meet new people by exploring
different countries.

Boost your future career
Why not try volunteering for a couple of months? Most employers look for people who have
had some experience from their gap years.

» Find yourself»
It is also important to mention that a gap year can be a great way to develop yourself and learn
about your interests.

As you can see there are a lot of benefits for you to consider when taking a gap year alone.
Keep me posted with your experiences!