B1 WRITING TASK- An email from your sister

Task. You have received this email from your sister Maria:


I’ve been thinking about what we can do for Julia’s birthday next week. I think she would really enjoy it if we threw her a surprise birthday party! What do you think?  The only problem is that I’m not sure where we could have the party. Do you have any suggestions?  It would be great if everyone brings something to eat or drink. That way no one has to organize everything alone.  I’m going to buy her this nice sweater we saw one day when we were out shopping. She said she thought it was beautiful. Do you know what you want to get her? 

See you soon,


Send an email to Maria in about 80-100 words and answer her questions. You should mention the following ideas:

1. Great idea.

2. My house is big enough

3. Sodas and some sandwiches

4. No idea! Ask for suggestions.

Here you have a model of reply: 

Hi Maria,

I have been thinking about it too. I think yours is an excellent idea, she will enjoy a surprise party a lot. About the place, I think we could do it at my house since it’s big enough and it has a nice garden just in case we have good weather.

We can tell everyone to bring different kinds of sandwiches and sodas, others can bring crisps, olives and things like that.

And about the present, I have no idea, I like different things I saw in some shops like perfume, a pijama, and so on, have you got any other suggestions? I would be happy to hear them.

See you soon,