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• Who do you usually hang out with when you go out?

I usually hang out with a few friends or my boyfriend when I go out. When I lived back home I used to go out with my brothers as well. Depending on the night or occasion, I will go out in a big group but that’s usually not my thing. I feel like the smaller the group the less opinions you have and less people to please.

• Is there a place that you really like to go to for any special reason? Why?

Yes, absolutely! I really enjoy a few spots in particular because of their food selection, music, or service. I love food so I am always somewhere discovering a new restaurant and getting to know the owners. I very much enjoy a bar called Shooters for a great beer selection and laid-back environment, the service is always great. I also enjoy two bars called, Bizzart and Revolver because their music is my cup of tea, I have never had a bad experience in either place. For me it is simple, if there is good music, and proper service I am quite happy.

• Can you recommend any film that you’ve watched lately?

Will Smith and Woody Harellson. The movie was amazing and much better than I had thought. The entire time you are trying to figure out what is happening. The majority of the film is a mystery. If you are someone who likes to guess the endings, this movie is for you!

• And a night club or bar that you have recently been to? And a restaurant?

Recently, I have been to night club called R.E.M where you can find some entertaining music and bands, they usually have a few gigs a month. However, it gets packed on weekends and can make the place pretty overrated and overpriced. For good Mexican food, I recommend trying Urban Burrito, you can find options such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and salads on the menu. The food can be hot or mild by adding different salsas.

• Where’s your most common meeting point? How punctual are your friends? And you? Is it important for you to get to meetings on time?

My most common meeting point would have to be somewhere close to the center like a café or restaurant. We all usually go to the place directly. Some of my friends are more punctual than others but it just depends on the person and perhaps their culture. My German friend is very punctual and I think that is because Germans as a culture are punctual people. I on the other hand, am not very punctual, unless it’s a serious appointment or meeting.

• What is your favorite activity to do with friends? Why?

My favorite activity to do with friends would be having a get together at someone’s house with food, drinks, and games. You could call this a game night as well. It is both social and relaxing and it allows you to have the best of both worlds. If unable to meet at a house we often love to go to a park or restaurant to have a drink or snack and catch up.