We are really excited about this new type of tasks. Real Exam Monologues that you can listen to and read. And above all, use them as inspiration to create your own exam monologues. As you know, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. So keep up with the hard work!


You are going to do a presentation about Staying Fit. Here are some ideas: exercise to lead a healthy life, extreme sports, what you do and what you would like to do to stay fit, how sporty you are. You can also add ideas of your own. Talk about the topic for 3-4 minutes.



Today I’m going to share with you my fitness story and talk about extreme sports.

Exercise is an important part of my life however, I never used to like to doing sports at school because I would always be the last one picked for a team. I was rubbish at every sport I tried to play such as tennis, hockey, or netball and found it boring. I did enjoy swimming and running though. I started swimming when I was five and I was like a duck to water. My mum used to call me a water baby. I loved it and still do. I can swim very well and have lots of medals from when from I was younger.

At university I would often run to help me deal with exam and revision stress. I ran for about an hour a few times a week and it was a great stress reliever. I also joined a gym and discovered weightlifting, spin classes and Pilates. It was my time out from the world when I went to the gym, and I didn’t think about anything apart from the workout that I was doing

In my early 30’s I started powerlifting, which is an explosive weight lifting sport when you lift heavy weights in short succession. It was a completely different type of exercise and the adrenaline of lifting something extremely heavy was exhilarating and a massive thrill for me. I also took part in ‘strongwoman’ events and raised money for charity doing mud runs and obstacle courses. Unfortunately, I developed problems with my hips and had sciatica for around 6 months, so I had to stop powerlifting. If it hadn’t been for my injuries, I would have continued and entered competitions.

Now my exercise routine is very different; I like to weightlift, but not as often, I swim, hike most weekend, and do yoga and Pilates for my mental health. I’m not one for extreme sports and I’m not an adrenaline junky. I’m happy to find my thrills elsewhere. In my opinion extreme sports are very risky and hazardous and I think you have to have a lot of confidence in yourself and be spatially aware to be good at some them, and therefore enjoy them. For example, in parkour I wouldn’t trust myself to land in the right place and I’m always falling over as I’m very clumsy which is not a good combination.

I have tried bouldering, which isn’t that extreme I don’t think, but it is different. Bouldering is indoor climbing without ropes, but there are soft mats for landing. I was really nervous at first but then, when I realised, I could actually do it, I got a buzz from it. I’ve also tried rock climbing a few times but with a harness, and I would like to do this more.  I’d give motocross or mountain biking a go as that looks fun but it’s highly unlikely that I will ever try something life freefall, paragliding, or bungee jumping as it’s too daring for me. I prefer to stay on land. I would also never take up skiing or snowboarding because you need a lot of equipment and I think it’s too expensive.

In conclusion, I think its important to have physical activity in your life, but you have you find something that you enjoy otherwise it will become a chore rather than an enjoyable hobby. There are so many things to choose from, you can even do exercise at home on your wii or Nintendo switch. Some people stick to the same sport their whole life, but I believe that it’s good to challenge yourself and try new things as you might be missing out on something amazing.