Here is a writing task so you can get some writing practice. We will share with you a version written by one of our teachers next week. This way you’ll have time to create your own version first and then you can compare it with ours.

TASK. You are thinking about swapping your home on your holiday. You found this advertisement on the internet: 

Write an email to their website hello@lovehomeswap.com showing your interest in swapping your home next year. 

You must write about the following points:  

Give information about your home and the area where you live.  

Explain what kind of holiday you are thinking about.  

Write between 120 and 150 words. You must write about both points.  Do not forget to include opening and closing remarks.

Source: Certification exam sample Galicia


From: annie.jones@gmail.com
To : hello@lovehomeswap.com
Subject: homeswap

Dear Sir,
I am writing with regard to the advertisement I saw on your website. The reason why I am
writing is that I thought I would give homeswapping a go as it would be a good way to cut the
cost of our next getaway.
Firstly, if you are looking to visit the UK, then don´t look back. I am offering a terraced house
which is close to Manchester city centre. This type of accommodation would be suitable for
families or students who want to enjoy the thriving arts and music scenes as well as the
historic mills and canals.
However, My family and I are looking for something in a beautiful calm area with a huge living
room and it must have 3 bedrooms as we are a family of seven. It must be by the seaside
because my children love to go fishing.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,
Annie Jones