Here is a writing task so you can get some writing practice. We will share with you a version written by one of our teachers next week. This way you’ll have time to create your own version first and then you can compare it with ours.


TASK. Write about 200-220 words following the corresponding instructions. The recommended time for this task is 45 minutes. 

Write a letter to the owner in which you mention some possible reasons why the shop has been losing its customers and try to help by suggesting what changes could be introduced both in the service and sales methods.

Source: Certification exam sample Madrid


20th July, 2022

Ms. Sarah Richardson
Foody´s restaurant
36 Chapman street
London, E1 6AN

Dear Ms. Richardson,
I am contacting you with regards to Foody´s which has served the public for over 10 years now
and is now reaching an end, so I would therefore really want to draw your attention to some
important matters;
Firstly, one of the main reasons why the shop is losing its customers is because many shops
have been battered by the pandemic causing a fear of job loss and a sales slump. Another
reason is that since the start of this pandemic there has been a supermarket boom and this has
had a positive impact for this kind of industry but it will continue to wreak havoc on small
businesses like yours.
Therefore, the greatest benefit in order to increase the sales is to offer free delivery which
would help increase the sales. Another point to consider is to use a sales promotion as a
marketing tactic when they pay for the item such as using the slogan » Buy 3 get 2 free».
Finally it is vital to introduce e-commerce as most prefer to shop for the comfort and
convenience of their own homes.
If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Wish you all the best
and I hope that you take up my advice and prove your potential.
All the best.
Annie Jones