C2 Listening Housing & Cities

• Can you describe the neighborhood and town in which you live?

I live in a pretty dead town where not much ever goes on apart from the typical high school events. My neighborhood is quaint and used to be rather affluent back in its day when the city was booming but since the foreclosures on most industries the infrastructure of the city has changed dramatically. Back then it was common to walk everywhere and everyone wanted to live downtown, now everyone lives in gated communities and must drive.

• Is it easy to find housing in your city or town? What are the challenges one may face?

It would depend on if you’re looking to rent or buy. Renting is fairly easy and comfortable but buying is an entirely different story. I have heard it can be a real pain trying to find affordable pricing in today’s market, especially for those looking at cookie cutter neighborhoods, it seems the only affordable housing is in the middle of nowhere. For most buyers the biggest challenge is finding housing where schools or work are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Most parents are looking for those perks when investing in their forever home.

• Would you say your city has many cultural opportunities?

Not that I have seen or experienced, I wish someone would break the mold and enrich our community with some creativity for a change but there has to be a demand for that. However, 30 miles north its common to find lots of culture and diversity thanks to the university. Concerts, art shows, ethnic food and events can be enjoyed by students and locals alike, but to compare it to a true cultural experience would be a stretch.

• What is the meaning of home to you?

It’s as cliché as the saying but home is where the heart is, I have lived in a few various states or countries and nothing compares to those relationships like friends and family. Once you realize it’s the people who make a home the rest just becomes background noise.

• What is one thing about your city or town that might take some coming around to?

I would definitely have to say the weather can be a real drag and could take some getting used to but what is even worse, is that half the town supports Donald Trump and I know many people, including myself, are still coming around to the fact he is our president.

• Can you address any major problems in your city right now? If so, what are some of the solutions to solve them?

Of course, every city has areas to improve and for those who are not in the loop, our city is overrun by homelessness. It’s very likely to see countless men and women roaming the streets with no job, no home, and no purpose in life. Many people just veer away from them as if they have some kind of contagious disease. It’s extremely disheartening to witness and I believe the city council is responsible for providing them with better care and amenities.

• What is one piece of advice you would recommend to someone new in your city?

Try your best to build a sense of community and stay involved. In today’s society there is a lot of temptation and if you are not busy staying productive perhaps you could get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Anyways life is short, go big or go home, buy that house you have always wanted, get your dream car, chase that corporate job but don’t just throw money down the drain. In short, live boldly, dream big but keep your wits about you.