Here is a writing task so you can get some writing practice. We will share with you a version written by one of our teachers next week. This way you’ll have time to create your own version first and then you can compare it with ours.


TASK. Write about 200-220 words following the corresponding instructions. The recommended time for this task is 45 minutes. 

Write an opinion essay arguing why this could be so and analysing the developments of this and other gender gaps in the 21st Century. 

Source: Certification exam sample Comunidad Madrid


It goes without saying that gender inequality still remains a serious issue in
today´s time since COVID has intensified gender inequalities where women
have been pushed out of the labour market meaning that less women will regain
employment . This is an important issue that the governments must yet need to
address this by seeking to promote equal rights, opportunities and
responsibilities for both men and women.
It is important to stand out that the lockdown has affected the gender roles
where most of the burden fell on women, who were already doing most of the
housework before the lockdown. For instance, women did most of the chores
before and during lockdown whereas men´s participation in childcare and
housework during the lockdown was small in magnitude.
Furthermore, the labor market has affected mostly women since the COVID
pandemic has hit services heavily, which are more female dominated. This
means that women are less likely to regain their jobs when conditions allow
them. As a result, COVID-19´s massive disruption has pushed millions of
women to the financial brink.
To sum up, it is important we advocate for gender equality and the rights of
women across the globe. This is the strategy that I would recommend everyone
to adopt.