TASK. Write an opinion essay about the following statement of 200-220 words. The recommended time for this task is 45 minutes. 


Tips to encourage young people to study science

In my opinion, school programs are considered a very effective way to reach young people. There can be no doubt that the schools and teachers play not only a crucial role in a child’s development but play a vital role to get their interest in everything, as they are in direct and everyday contact with them. It has been suggested that parents should also educate and teach their children in a more scientific way, but this is not an established fact.

Although school programs may be very successful and constructive for the pupils, it is probably true that the effects of advertising might have more positive consequences on the encouragement of children to study science. First, advertisements have way too many forms: from a simple flyer to social media and they can carry a clever, funny, and deep message that can easily reach young people. On the other hand, advertising happens generally in an indirect way that has been proven more powerful. For that reason, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of advertising.

Having all this into account, I believe that advertising would help more than school, in the end, to encourage the pupils, as it inspires everybody and brings awareness to science in a proven and practical way.