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You know the language, JUST USE IT!


How would you like to feel in your EOI Mediation Test? I bet you’d like to feel confident, to speak fluently, and at the same time use mediation strategies as well as nice structures that you know are going to raise your score in the test. 

Would you like that? Of course you would, right?

Here I’m going to show you how to prepare for your mediation exam using a  specific example that you will be able to apply in your next EOI Mediation Test.

Well, let’s get started!

Imagine yourself for a minute in the exam… you have just been given your mediation card with your task: ORGANIC WASTE: A CURRENT CHALLENGE

Look, this is really, really simple. 

In your Mediation card you can see this infographic:

And in your card, you can read the following CONTEXT:

“You are teaching in a primary school, and you’ve been asked to explain what composting is to young children aged 8 to 10.

You have chosen this infographic because it goes straight to point and it clearly shows how accessible composting can be even in homes.

Explain what composting is in your own words and how they can do it at home.”

  OK… Now you are probably wondering… what do I need to do now?


I’m going to show you how to prepare a mediation task in simple and very effective 6-STEP PROCESS. 


Hereinafter we continue with the 6-Step process from number 3. To figure out steps 1 and 2, read our previous article!



As you could see, there’s not much info in the infographic, so this is basically about explaining what COMPOSTING IS, in your own words, and HIGHLIGHTING two things:


  1. How simple it is to do it in their homes… REMEMBER who we are explaining this to… they are children.
  2. Making reference to the foods that can be used for compost.

NOW, to explain the information you’ll need to use some mediation strategies. In this particular case you will probably: 

  • PARAPHRASE by using your own words to explain things
  • CLARIFY BY GIVING EXAMPLES which bones can they throw away inside the composting bin
  • EXPAND ON THE INFORMATION by explaining how easy it can be to do it at home, in their own kitchen… of course under their parents’ supervision.
  • EXPLAIN SPECIFIC TERMINOLOGY by explaining what compost is.  


A language function explains why someone says something. They require certain grammar. There is a wide range of language functions. Here are examples of guessing, expressing wishes and persuading: 

She might be…

He must be at….

Maybe he ‘s got a…

I wish I had…

If I could choose, I’d buy…

I’d like to have a….

I think you’ll find our product is…

If you give me a moment, I can explain why…

How about …

Let ‘s …

Why don’t we …

I’d suggest we…


You are going to be evaluated on CLARITY. And how do we evaluate this?

REALLY SIMPLE: Did the interlocutor understand the message you gave them? Did you transmit all the essential bits of information they needed? Was your message clear and to the point?


To do a mediation that’s worth a 10, you need to end it with style. Your own style, I mean, but this means giving it the rounding up the situation deserves. 

Something like…

Well, I really hope the information I gave you has been useful, and I’ll be here for you if you need further explanations.


I hope this was useful for you, but please, let me know if there’s something you didn’t understand because I’m here to help you. 



Well, you’ll see that with the guide that I gave you, you’ll be able to plan your mediation task with examples like this.



And remember, PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT…and to help you with it, I’d like to share with you an exclusive mobile APP where you can find videos, audios with their scripts about the EOI exam topics, speaking plans, readings, listenings and writing exam tasks to prepare for your EOI Exam. 


I’m sure you’re gonna love it!!


You can download it TOTALLY FREE just by clicking the link and start using the free resources to prepare effectively, to save time and find guides, strategies and high-quality resources that can’t be found anywhere else.


Keep up with the hard work and see you soon! 

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