How to use the structure “Have something done” in 5 different topics!!

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How would you like to feel in your EOI Speaking Test? I bet you’d like to feel confident, to speak fluently, and at the same time use nice structures that you know are going to raise your score in the test. 

Would you like that? Of course you would, right?

Here I’m going to show you how to prepare for your exam using a simple, yet very effective strategy, to use the structure “have something done” in 5 different topics, with clear, specific examples that you will be able to apply in your next EOI Speaking Test… even if you had it tomorrow.

Now you may be wondering…what exactly means  and more importantly, how do I use it?

OH WELL!!! Let’s start


Check these sentences,  you can say…

    • “I’m really looking forward to having my kitchen renovated next summer. It’s been quite a while since I started saving to have some improvements done to my home and I’m really excited the moment has arrived”
    • “Most people dream about their dream home, that place that meets all your desires … When many times it is as simple as having some improvements done to your current home that will make all the difference”
    • “When I get to have my dream house I’ll have it all painted in white. I love light and open spaces”


Well you’ll see that with our speaking training you’ll be able to plan your speaking with examples like this.


Imagine now that you have just been given your card with your speaking task, but this time you got the topic of RECYCLING…

It could actually be recycling or facilities and services in your city, town or neighborhood…

You could say something like:

    • “I guess the local authorities should have the rubbish collected more often if organic waste was thrown away separately.”


Let’s now move on to our next topic: TRAVEL & TRANSPORT…

Imagine you have to speak about the benefits of public transport… You could say something like:

    • The more you use public transport the less you’ll need to have your car serviced. As you can see, using public transport is all about benefits!”


And if we had to speak about the environment? This is one of the most recurrent topics in EOI Official exams, together with technology, education and the news or current affairs.

Speaking about the environment you could use not only one, but two beautiful structures. I’ll give you the example and you tell me the other structure, ok?

    • “A more and more popular and environmentally-friendly way to improve your home is by having solar panels installed on your roof, or even having your electrical circuit audited” 

And which was the other structure? Yes! Exactly! The comparative structure MORE AND MORE. 

And I also used it in the previous example, but with a different form. Did you realize?

I said: The more you use public transport the less you’ll need to have your car serviced

There are so many clear and simple examples of the structure “Have something done” for so many topics…


When we speak about health, very few candidates in exams realize how easy it would be to apply “Have something done” to this topic:

For instance, imagine you’ve been asked to speak about your sleep hygiene… 

    • “Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, so more and more people are having their sleep patterns identified by a sleep doctor in an attempt to improve their general well-being” 

Or alternatively, you could be asked to speak about your NHS, your National Health System… you could come up with something like:

    • “The government could well have their NHS websites redesigned so they are more user-friendly. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so frustrating to find the information you need”

Well, as you could see, it’s much easier than you think to plan your speaking or your writing strategically, by using expressions and structures that will help you show off in your EOI Test.

And remember, PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT…and to help you with it here I share you an exclusive mobile APP where you can find videos, audios with their scripts about the EOI exam topics, speaking plans, readings, listenings and writing exam tasks to prepare for your EOI Exam. 

And I’m sure you’re gonna love it!!

You can download it TOTALLY FREE just by clicking the link and start using the free resources to prepare effectively, to save time and find guides, strategies and high-quality resources that can’t be found anywhere else.

Keep up with the hard work and see you soon! 

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