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Speaking fluently when you are a B1 student or speaker is a real challenge so I’m going to give you 5 tips so you can prove that you are a confident B1 speaker more easily than before! 

Tip 1

Use present perfect 

As you probably already know, present perfect is one of the most important structures that are taught in B1 level, so you need to make sure you use it in your speaking and in your writing exam if possible. 

In your speaking exam you really want to use it because it is easy to adapt to any topic. I’ll give you some examples of a present perfect sentence. 

Imagine that you are speaking about travelling or holidays. Even if you are speaking about your holidays in the future, it is easy to compare to things that you have already done, for example

“One of the best trips that I have done in my life was to Ireland. One summer I went there with my family and that’s why I decided to do the same next summer. We are planning to go to Dublin and stay there for two or three days and then we are going to go to the beach to a very nice town on the coast where we plan to spend one week relaxing, enjoying Britain’s weather and the landscape, of course” 

Well as you saw, I gave you quite a few ideas for the topic of holidays and travelling, so you can combine present perfect with future tenses even if you are asked to speak about the future. And that will make your speaking monologue even better because you are using a variety of structures, you’re not only sticking to using the future all the time.

Tip 2


As you know, other of the structures that are talked about in B1 level is “used to” as opposed to “usually”

We use “usually” when we speak about something that is a habit in the present and usually is used with present simple. 

For example, “I usually play paddle with my friends on Tuesdays.” or “I usually go shopping at the weekend because during the week I am really busy. “

Now, if you want to compare with something that you did in the past but that you probably don’t do now, then you can use “used to”. For example: 

“Last year, I used to meet my friends for a coffee every Friday but this year things are different because I work at the weekend so I prefer to spend Fridays with my family” 

Easy, isn’t it? okay so make sure that you use “used to” and “present perfect” when you are in your speaking exam. 

Tip 3


You can use a very simple passive at level B1. If you have been an official student you’ve probably seen it very recently. 

Imagine that you have to speak about recycling, recycling habits. You could say something like is considered to be, for example, “recycling is considered to be one of the best actions, one of the best things that we can do to take care of the environment, so I think that it is important to teach children to recycle the things they use”. 

I think of another simple passive that you could use. Imagine now that you are talking about shopping habits. You could saywhen something is bought on Amazon it is very easy to return it if you don’t like it”. This is a very, very, easy passive when something is bought on Amazon” instead of saying “when you buy something on Amazon” it is very easy to return it you can say when something is bought on Amazon it is very easy to return it. That’s why people choose online platforms like Amazon instead of going to local shops. 

You’re going to impress your evaluator at the exam if you use these three structures! believe me! and let’s go for number 4. 

Tip 4


So one of the most important grammar aspects that you see at level B1 is comparatives and together with comparatives, superlatives. 

Of course, you really need to use one in your exam because it’s easy peasy, it’s piece of cake to use a comparative or a superlative and it really enriches your production, so let’s go for something like: 

“the most beautiful city that I have visited is Paris” for example or “eating healthily is the best thing you can do for your health” or “eating vegetables is the best thing you can do for your health” .

Imagine that you are speaking about shopping online you could say:

“In my opinion one of the best options to buy online is Amazon or any other place that you like, or wallapop, or whatever. “

So now we have superlatives, present perfect, simple passives, and used to. So now you have four very useful structures that you can use in your B1  speaking exam to show off to prove that you are a confident speaker.

And I have one more TIP four you. 

Tip 5

The last one is prepositions

Prepositions are really important, at this stage, at level B1, and especially when they’re combined with adjectives. 

So make sure you use them correctly. For example, interested in, worried about, famous for, written by. 

So there you have 5 tips for your B1 exam that are going to help you shine!

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