How to use “IT’S HIGH TIME” or “IT’S ABOUT TIME” in 5 different topics!

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How would you like to feel in your EOI Speaking Test? I bet you’d like to feel confident, to speak fluently, and at the same time use nice structures that you know are going to raise your score in the test.

Would you like that? Of course you would, right? 

Here I’m going to show you how to prepare for your exam using the structure “It’s high time” or “It’s about time” in 5 different topics, with clear, specific examples that you will be able to apply in your next EOI Speaking Test… even if you had it tomorrow!


Look, this is really, really simple. You could use the structure “It’s high time” for any topic with a general statement.

For example

 It’s high time we started taking this issue seriously” 

And then you continue with your monologue. 



You could be asked to speak about education… 

It’s high time educational matters were taken seriously once and for all”



Imagine now that you have just been given your card with your speaking task, but this time you got the topic of THE ENVIRONMENT…

You could say something like: 

It’s high time environmental policies started protecting natural spaces effectively from construction plans, especially on the coast”



Let’s now move on to our next topic: travel and transport. Imagine you have to speak about the future of transport…

You could say something like:

 “It’s about time electric cars were the number one choice, when we think of buying a new vehicle. I’m pretty sure more and more people would purchase an eco-friendly car if they were more affordable ”


And if we had to speak about the CURRENT AFFAIRS? This is one of the most recurrent topics in EOI Official exams, together with technology, education and travel and transport.

It’s high time something was done about the way political parties interact with one another, they show little respect for others’ ideas and policies, not to mention the continuous changes in laws, rules and regulations when a new president is elected”




When we speak about health, very few candidates in exams realize how easy it would be to apply “It’s about time” to this topic: 

For instance, imagine you’ve been asked to speak about alternative medicine…

 It’s about time alternative treatments like acupuncture or chiromassage were included in the National Health Service as complementary treatments”



Well, as you can see, it’s much easier than you think to plan your speaking or your writing strategically, by using expressions and structures that will help you show off in your EOI Test.

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