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Nowadays, we live in a constantly evolving world where every day, and even more so after the pandemic, the internet and new technologies provide us with new advances in all areas of human life. Learning processes were not going to be left behind, and that’s how the canadian researcher Scott Young discovered a new language learning method called ultralearning.

Young defined the Ultralearning process as a period of intense concentration that allows the learner to rapidly and deeply acquire the language. The method is based on effective time and attention management as the foundation for efficient language learning.

It is true that there are numerous and different methodologies that facilitate your education as a student and provide you with tools to get the most out of your learning. One of them is Ultralearning, and I’ll highlight the main advantages it offers:

  1. Plan Before You Start

Ultralearning involves an initial planning stage that helps you think about what you want to learn and how others have learned it. This way, you can create a learning map that allows you to discover what you don’t know and what you want to know to be as efficient as possible.

  1. Improve Your Concentration

The Ultralearning method suggests new practices and tools to enhance and sharpen our ability to concentrate when learning English. Both the quality and capacity for learning will improve exponentially.

  1. Direct Learning – Show What You Know!

Practicing the language directly and putting all your knowledge into action, will make your understanding deeper, more useful, and easier to remember. As proven, while acquired knowledge can serve as a foundation, practice is what makes you a master.

  1. Have You Truly Learned?

Ultralearning encourages the use of the «retrieval» principle, which involves trying to put into practice what you have just learned and see if you’ve genuinely understood it by testing your new knowledge in real-life situations. This will help you remember what you’ve learned better and become aware that such knowledge indeed exists.

  1. Go Beyond

When learning a new language, you must exceed expectations and experiment with your learning. Ultralearning promotes the idea that learning to experiment with your knowledge and the resources, techniques, and learning styles will allow you to become an expert in the new language you are learning.

For all these reasons and despite the novelty of the ultralearning method, its advantages in the process of learning a new language are more than remarkable. Therefore, as students, it is important not to refuse to try new techniques that will undoubtedly be beneficial for improving your education.

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